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Electrical Calculation Excel Spreadsheet Free Download

 Electrical Calculation Excel Spreadsheet

👉 Calculate Lighting Fixture Beam Angle 

👉 Calculate Air Ventilation for Transformer or D.G Room 

👉 Ceiling Fan Size Calculator

👉 Pole Foundation Size Calculator Excel 

👉 Calculate Exhaust Fan Size Calculator Excel 

👉 Cable trunking size calculator

👉 Calculate Cable Voltage Drop for Different Size

👉 Calculate Building Lighting Protection

👉 How is Calculate Size of Conduit 

👉 Calculate Cable Tray Size 

👉 IDMT Relay Curve Calculator 

👉 IDMT Over Current ~ Earth Fault Relay Calculation

👉 Calculate Voltage Regulation of Line

👉 Electrical Panel Load & Energy Consumption Calculation 

👉 Electrical Panels MCB Cable Size Calculation

👉 Residence - Small Electrical Distribution Box Designing Calculator

👉 Size of Capacitor Bank for Power Factor Correction Calculator

👉 How is solar battery bank calculated? / BATTERY BANK / INVERTER CALCULATION

👉 Earthing Mat Design for Sub Station Calculator 

👉 Electrical Pole's Transverse Load Calculation

👉 Calculate Bus bar Size for Panel

👉 Calculate Size of Neutral Earthing Transformer [NET]

👉 Calculate No of Street Light Poles ~ Payback Period

👉 Calculation Street Light Pole Voltage Drop

👉 Calculation Transformer Regulation ~ Losses [As per TC Name Plate]

👉 Transformer Losses ~ Payback Calculation

👉 Calculate Transformer Losses [As per Test Result]

👉 Calculate Technical Losses of Distribution Line

👉 Calculate Short Circuit Current Calculation [Base KVA Method]

👉 Calculate short circuit current rating & Distribution Network

👉 Inverter-UPS Size with Battery Bank Calculator

👉 Simple Air Condition Size Calculator for Room

👉 Selection of Main & Branch Circuit Breaker for Distribution Box (As per NEC)

👉 Touch Voltage / Ground current Calculation

👉 Diesel Generator Size Calculation 

👉 Insulation Resistance Value Measurement 

👉 Polarization Index Value Measurement

👉 Pumb size Calculator

👉 Electrical Unit consumption and Energy Bill calculation

👉 Earth Resistance Value Calculation

👉 Calculate Synchronous Panel ~ DG short circuit current

👉 Calculate the number of light fixtures

👉 Calculate No of Fixtures ~ Lux as per Sq.Ft Area for Indoor Lighting

👉 Calculate Size of DOL ~ Star Delta Starter Parts 

👉 Calculate Size of Earthing Strip ~ Wire

👉 Calculate No of Plate-Pipe Earthing

👉 Transformer Size ~ Voltage Drop due to Starting of Large Size of Motors

👉 Calculate Size of Transformers Circuit Braker Fuse ~ NEC 450.3 

👉 Calculate Transformer IDMT Over Current ~ Earth Fault Relay Setting

👉 IDMT Relay Grading Calculation

👉 Cable Size and Voltage Drop Calculation 

👉 C.B Tripping Setting and Fuse for Motor Protection Calculator

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