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[PDF] Air Terminals Distribution Guide Free Download


[PDF] Air Terminals Distribution Guide Free Download[PDF] Air Terminals Distribution Guide Free Download

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Proper selection of air diffusion devices requires basic knowledge of the mechanics of room air distribution. At the beginning you should know the meaning of the following definitions:

  • Primary Air
  • Total Air
  • Throw
  • Drop
  • Noise Criteria
  • VAV System

Air quality inside any building is really important for the health, comfort and productivity of the people inside. It has a much bigger impact than people might think. You may not even notice air quality until you’ve gone from a place where the air flow is wrong, to a place where it has been designed to create a comfortable environment.

Air Terminals Distribution Guide:

This PDF book for air distribution systems is really important for HVAC systems designers as it provide them with the procedures and the proper way for selection of air diffusers and grilles.

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