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1 Earthwork - Site Preparation, Excavation and Backfill : SATIP-A-114-01

Sieve Analysis and Atterberg Limits Test Reports - SAIC-A-1001

Fill, Select-Fill and Marl Cap Materials Receiving Inspection - SAIC-A-1002

Soil Protection and Control, Drainage and De-watering Inspection - SAIC-A-1003

Fill Placement and Compaction Inspection - SAIC-A-1004

Compaction Testing - SAIC-A-1005

Final Fill Inspection - SAIC-A-1006

2 Fireproofing Concrete : SATIP-B-006-01

Storage/Preservation Inspection  - SAIC-B-1001

Pre-placement/site preparation inspection - SAIC-B-1002

Application/Placement Inspection, Sampling and Testing - SAIC-B-1003

Final Inspection - SAIC-B-1004

3 Coating Application on Concrete Surfaces : SATIP-H-003-01

Coating Material's Approval by the Responsible Standardization Agency Representative (RSA) - SAIC-H-1002

Concrete repair and coating material receiving inspection - SAIC-H-1003

Storage and Preservation inspection - SAIC-H-1004

4 On-Land and Near-Shore Pipelines : SATIP-L-450-01

Grades, Elevation and Surface Preparation Inspection - SAIC-L-1001

5 Pipeline Construction/Instalation : SATIP-L-450-02

Trench Excavation and Preparation Inspection - SAIC-L-1002

Pipe Lowering Inspection (Buried Pipeline) - SAIC-L-1003

Backfilling and Berm Construction Inspection - SAIC-L-1004

6 Security Fence and Gates : SATIP-M-006-01

Fence and Gates Components Receiving Inspection - SAIC-M-1001

Pre-Cast Posts Receiving Inspection - SAIC-M-1002

Location, Depth of Trench/ Boreholes and Elevations Inspection - SAIC-M-1003

Pre-pour Inspection  - SAIC-M-1004

Final Inspection - SAIC-M-1005

Civil Test Report 1 (Later) - SATR-M-1001

Civil Test Report 2 (Later) - SATR-M-1002

Civil Test Report 3 (Later) - SATR-M-1003

Civil Test Report 4 (Later) - SATR-M-1004

Civil Test Report 5 (Later) - SATR-M-1005

7 Concrete Masonry Units & Building Bricks : SATIP-M-100-01

Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) compressive strength and aggregate test reports - SAIC-M-1006

Concrete Masonry Units/Bricks Receiving Inspection - SAIC-M-1007

Concrete Surface Preparation Inspection - SAIC-M-1008

Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs)/Brick Walls and Plaster Installation Inspection - SAIC-M-1009

Concrete and CMU Surface Preparation and Protection - SAIC-M-1010

Masonry and Plaster Installation - SAIC-M-1011

8 Water Proofing of Roof Slabs : SATIP-M-100-02

Waterproofing Roofs Receiving and Storage Inspection - SAIC-M-1012

Surface Preparation, EDPM and Insulation Inspection - SAIC-M-1014

Leak-Proof Testing and Final Inspection - SAIC-M-1018

9 Structural Steel for Buildings : SATIP-M-100-03

Review of Procedure for Tightening of High Strength Bolts - SAIC-M-1065

Review of Procedure for Localized Heating to correct Warping - SAIC-M-1066

Receiving Inspection Structural Steel, Shapes & Plates - SAIC-M-1067

Storage Handling and Preservation of Structural Steel Materials - SAIC-M-1068

Inspection of Support Foundation Prior to Structural Installation - SAIC-M-1069

Inspection of Structural Alignment During Erection - SAIC-M-1070

Repair/Correction of Errors of Structural Alignment - SAIC-M-1071

High Strength Bolts Tightening Inspection and Testing - SAIC-M-1072

Inspection of Structure Installations - SAIC-M-1073

Structural Re-Instatement Punchlisting - SAIC-M-1074

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10 Pre-engineered Metal Buildings : SATIP-M-100-04

Building Components/Material Inspection - SAIC-M-1031

Frefab Buildings -Foundations and Pre-Installation Inspection - SAIC-M-1032

Prefab Buildings-Accessories and Installation Inspection - SAIC-M-1026

Prefab Buildings - Interior and Exterior Final Inspection - SAIC-M-1027

11 Gypsum Wall Board System : SATIP-M-100-05

Gypsum Wall Board System Receiving and Storage Inspection - SAIC-M-1035

Gypsum Wall Board Pre-Installation Inspection - SAIC-M-1037

Gypsum Wall Board Framing, Insulation and Pre-closing Inspec. - SAIC-M-1038

Gypsum Wall Board System Plastering, Finishing and Final Insp. - SAIC-M-1039

12 Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles : SATIP-M-100-06

Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles and Accessories Receiving and Storage Inspection - SAIC-M-1041

Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile Pre-Installation and Surface Preparation Inspection - SAIC-M-1043

Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles Installation and Final Inspection - SAIC-M-1044

13 Metal Doors and Windows : SATIP-M-100-07

Metal Doors and Windows Receiving Inspection - SAIC-M-1046

Metal Doors and Windows Pre- Installation Inspection - SAIC-M-1047

Metal Doors and Windows Installation Inspection - SAIC-M-1049

Metal Doors and Windows Final Inspection - SAIC-M-1051

14 Accoustical False Ceiling : SATIP-M-100-08

Acoustical False Ceiling Receiving and Storage Inspection - SAIC-M-1052

Acoustical False Ceiling suspension System Installation Insp. - SAIC-M-1053

Acoustical False Ceiling Installation and Final  Inspection - SAIC-M-1054

15 Glass and Glazing : SATIP-M-100-09

Glass and Glazing Receiving and Storage Inspection - SAIC-M-1057

Glass and Glazing Pre-Installation Inspection - SAIC-M-1059

Glass and Clazing Installation and Final Inspection - SAIC-M-1060

16 Resilient Vinyl Composition Floor Tiles and Base : SATIP-M-100-10

Resilient Vinyl Floor Tile & Base Receiving & Storage Inspection - SAIC-M-1062

Resilient Vinyl Floor Tile Instalation and Final Inspection - SAIC-M-1064

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17 Security Fence and Gates (Type SSD/1 Standard Security Fence) : SATIP-O-101-01

Fence and Gates Components Receiving Inspection-SSD/1 Fence - SAIC-O-1001

Pre-Cast Posts Receiving Inspection for SSD/1 Fence - SAIC-O-1002

SSD/1 Location, Depth of Trench/Boreholes & Elevation Inspection - SAIC-O-1003

Pre-Pour Inspection for SSD/1 Fence - SAIC-O-1004

Final Inspection for SSD/1 Fence - SAIC-O-1005

18 Portland Cement Concrete - Batch Plant Management : SATIP-Q-001-01

Review Monthly Aggregate & Water Test Reports and Calibration Certificate - SAIC-Q-1001

Concrete Batch Plant/Equipment Inspection - SAIC-Q-1002

Concrete Ingredients (Cement, Aggregates, Water and admixture Inspection - SAIC-Q-1003

Freshly-Mixed Concrete Inspection - SAIC-Q-1004

Plant QC Lab Inspection - SAIC-Q-1005

19 Cast-In-Place Portland Cement Concrete : SATIP-Q-001-02

Concrete Mix Design Approval - SAIC-Q-1006

Epoxy Coated Steel Bars and Embedded Items Receiving  Inspection - SAIC-Q-1007

Handling, Storage and Preservation of  Epoxy Coated Steel Bars Inspection - SAIC-Q-1008

Concrete Pump/Transit Mixer Inspection - SAIC-Q-1010

Grade  & Site Preparation Inspection - SAIC-Q-1011

Formwork Inspection - SAIC-Q-1012

Installation of Epoxy Coated Steel Bars, Embedded Items and Form Closure Inspection - SAIC-Q-1013

Concrete Finishing & Curing Inspection - SAIC-Q-1015

Formwork Stripping Inspection - SAIC-Q-1016

Concrete Final Acceptance Inspection - SAIC-Q-1017

Download SATIP Index xlsx  file

20 Pre-Cast Concrete Fence Posts at Fabrication Yards : SATIP-Q-001-03

Epoxy Coated Steel Bars and Formwork Inspection - SAIC-Q-1018

Pre-Cast Concrete Posts at Fabrication Yards Concrete Placement, Sampling and Testing Inspection - SAIC-Q-1019

Demolding and Concrete Curing Inspection - SAIC-Q-1020

Final Inspection - SAIC-Q-1021

21 Structural Precast/Prestressed Concrete at Fabrication Yard : SATIP-Q-001-04

Pre-Cast & Prestressed Pre-Concreting  Inspection - SAIC-Q-1022

Pre-Cast & Prestressed  Concrete Casting Beds Set-Up Inspection (Prestressed) - SAIC-Q-1023

Tensioning & Releasing Inspection for Prestressed/Pre-tensioned Concrete - SAIC-Q-1024

Precast & Prestressed Concrete Placement, Sampling and Testing Inspection - SAIC-Q-1025

Tensioning & Grouting Inspection fpr Prestressed/Post Tensioned Concrete - SAIC-Q-1026

Precast & Post Tensioned Concrete Final Inspection - SAIC-Q-1028

22 Istallation of Piles for Offshore Structures : SATIP-Q-004-01

Grout Mix Design - SAIC-Q-1062

Pile Driving Equipment Inspection - SAIC-Q-1063

Drilling Equipment Inspection - SAIC-Q-1064

Pile Grouting Equipment Inspection - SAIC-Q-1065

Grouting Material Inspection - SAIC-Q-1066

Fixing Piles - SAIC-Q-1067

Drilling Activity - SAIC-Q-1068

Pile & Pile Marking - SAIC-Q-1069

Pile Installation - SAIC-Q-1070

Grout-Pile to Jacket Leg - SAIC-Q-1071

Grout Plug - SAIC-Q-1072

23 Asphalt Paving - Batch Plants Management : SATIP-Q-006-01

Monthly Aggregate Test Reports and Calibration Certificate - SAIC-Q-1030

Plant Equipment and Plant Set Up Inspection - SAIC-Q-1031

Asphaltic Concrete Ingredients Inspection at Batch Plants - SAIC-Q-1032

Hot Mix Asphalt Inspection - SAIC-Q-1033

Plant QC Lab Inspection (Asphalt) - SAIC-Q-1034

24 Asphalt Paving : SATIP-Q-006-02

Aggregate Subbase and Base Course Materials Test Reports - SAIC-Q-1035

Asphalt Mix Design Review - SAIC-Q-1036

Subbase and Aggregate Base Course Material Receiving Inspection - SAIC-Q-1037

Grades, Elevation and Surface Preparation Inspection - SAIC-Q-1039

Placement and Compaction of Subbase and Aggregate Base Course Material Inspection - SAIC-Q-1040

Prime Coating and Tack Coating Inspection - SAIC-Q-1041

Asphaltic Concrete Receiving, Placement/Compaction of Asphaltic Binder and Wearing Courses Inspection - SAIC-Q-1042

Asphalt Core Density Testing - SAIC-Q-1043

Asphaltic Pavement Final Inspection - SAIC-Q-1044

25 Foamed Asphalt Stabilization : SATIP-Q-006-03

Review of Engineering Properties of Foamed Stabilizing Agents and Subbase Materials - SAIC-Q-1057

Stabilization Equipment Set-Up Inspection - SAIC-Q-1058

Placement Compaction & Quality Control of Foamed Stabilization Materials - SAIC-Q-1059

Download SATIP Index xlsx  file

26 Cement Based Non-Shrink Grouting : SATIP-Q-010-01

Grout Samples Compressive strength test reports - SAIC-Q-1045

Material Components & Ingredients Receiving Inspection - SAIC-Q-1046

Storage and preservation Inspection - SAIC-Q-1047

Cement Based Non-Shrink Grout Surface Preparation & Formwork Inspection - SAIC-Q-1048

Mixing, Placement, Sampling and Testing Inspection - SAIC-Q-1049

Grout Curing Inspection - SAIC-Q-1050

Final Inspection - SAIC-Q-1050

27 Epoxy Grout for Machinery Support : SATIP-Q-011-01

Epoxy Grout Samples Compressive Strength Test Reports - SAIC-Q-1051

Epoxy Grout Materials Receiving and Storage Inspection - SAIC-Q-1052

Surface Preparation And Formwork Inspection - SAIC-Q-1053

Grout Mixing, Placement, Sampling & Testing Inspection - SAIC-Q-1054

Foundation and Grout Curing/Protection & Final Inspection - SAIC-Q-1055

28 Earthwork - Excavation and Backfill for Underground Utilities : SATIP-S-070-01

Clean Sand and Aggregate Base Course Test Reports - SAIC-S-1001

Clean Sand and Aggregate Base Course Receiving Inspection - SAIC-S-1002

Excavation Bracing And De-Watering Inspection - SAIC-S-1003

Excavation, Placement and Compaction in Subkha Areas - SAIC-S-1004

Excavation, Placement and Compaction in Non-Subkha Areas - SAIC-S-1005

Excavation, Placement and Compaction in Trenches With High Pressure Piping - SAIC-S-1006

Final Inspection - SAIC-S-1007

29 Ductbank Excavation & Backfilling for Non-traffic Areas : SATIP-T-010-01

OSP Ductbank Excavation & Backfilling for Non-Traffic Areas - SAIC-T-1001


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