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1.            Rakes and vibrators are not allowed after concrete placement

a)            TRUE         b) False


2.            Paving and slab Construction and control joints located at a maximum space

a)            4m              b)   5m      c)   6m       d)   7m


3.            Maximum amount of Natural pozzolan used in concrete

a)            20              b)    30                c)   40             d)   50


4.            Which type of cement to be use in under water concrete

a)              Type-I       b)    Type-I +  Silica fume   c)  Type V


5.            Maximum time to reach the concrete at sight

a) 90min   b) 105min     c) 95min      d) 100min


6.            Dence concrete fire rating time

a)            30minutes     b) 60 minutes      c) 120 minutes     d) 90 minutes


7.            Maximum height of concrete dropping

a)            1meter    b)  1.5 meter     c)2 meter     d)  2.5 meter


8.            Prime coat minimum curing time

a)            16 hr.   b)  20 hr.    c) 10 hr.   d) 24 hr.


9.            Tack coat distribution pressure

a)            0.15 Lt/sq.m.    b)  0.25 Lt/sq.m.   c)  0.35 Lt/sq.m.   d)  0.65 Lt/sq.m.


10.         Sulfur extended asphalt temperature when leave at plant

a)            110-120 C   b) 120-130 C   c) 130-140 C    d)90- 100 C


11.         Hot mix asphalt temperature when compaction

a)            139 c        b)  115 c       c)  110 c    d)    85


12.         Base and sub base compaction requirements (As per old standard)

a)            90&85%     b)  100-85%     c)  95-90%     d)  100-95%


13.         Minimum inside bend diameter and standard hook  of bar for stirrup having  dia 16mm or less at free end with extension

a)            90 degree with 6db  b) 90 degree with 12db  c) 135 degree with 6db  d) 180 degree with 4db


14.         Minimum size of Aggregate in concrete for 4000psi strength

a)            8mm        b)   10mm      c)  12mm       d)  20mm



15.         Clean sand passing (200 sieve) %.

a)            O-10%     b) 11-15%     c) 10-20%     d)  11-35%


16.         Cementations Grout compressive strength for 28days

a)            2500 psi     b) 3500 psi     c)  4000 psi      d)  5000 psi


17.         Minimum thickness of vehicles paving concrete slab.

a)            150mm      b)  100mm     c)200mm     d) 50mm 


18.         Slump cone height

a)            300mm        b)  200mm     c) 250mm     d)   150mm



19.         Maximum drop height of concrete.

a)            1m           b)  2m        c) 1.5m          d)  2.5m



20.         Maximum compaction required for cohesion less material when pressure above to 320kpa.

a)            85%         b)  70%        c) 90%            d) 95%


21.         Aluminum parts inside the concrete

a)            True       b)            false


22.         Minimum distance of anchor bolts from edge of concrete

a)            100mm      b) 150mm       c) 200mm      d) 250mm


23.         Water TDS should not exceed when compaction

a)            500 ppm      b)  1000 ppm     c) 10000 ppm     d) none of above


24.         Minimum thickness of anchor bolts except  fixing ladder, platform

a)            16mm    b) 20mm     c) 25mm     d)  32mm


25.         The temperature of asphalt mix without sulfur shall be between

a)            139-163   b)  130-140     c) 170-180    d)  115-139


26.         The material is as “select fill” passing through the sieve no. 200 should be

a)            0- 10%    b   )5-10%        c)    10-15%       d)0-20%


27.         When existing sub grade is CBR 5 or less, a sub base with a minimum CBR with minimum thickness

a)            10 with 10 cm    b) 15 with 20cm    c) 20 with 25 cm    d) 25 with 25cm


28.         Minimum curing required for foundation prior to coating

a)            7 days     b)    10 days    c)  14 days     d)   28 days


29.         Consulting service Department review of the excavation plan  is required if the excavation depth

a)            Less the 6 m   b) more than 6m   c)  less than 5 m    d) more than 1.2m


30.         Shoring shall be installed or the sides shall be sloped or benched when any excavation or trench reaches a depth  of

a)            0.5 m     b) 0.8 m    c)   1.0 m    d)  1.2 m


31.         The maximum size of Fill material shall be

a)            1/2 lift thickness     b)  1/3 lift thickness     c)  ¼ lift thickness      d)  1/8 lift thickness


32.         Flowable fill   means

a)            Cost level strength material 

b)            Controlled strength level material  

c)            Controlled low strength material   

d)            Consolidated low strength material


33.         How much % relative density as determined by ASTM D4253 & ASTM D4254 for cohesion less granular soils at beneath and/or adjacent to foundations

a)            70%     b)  85%   c)  90%    d)  95%


34.         In-place density and moisture content of soil shall be determined by the following methods

a)            Nuclear method – ASTM D 6928

b)            Electromagnetic method – ASTM D 7830/7830M

c)            Dynamic cone penetration method – ASTM 7830

d)            All of the above


35.         Which type of cementitious material shall be use when water soluble in soil 0.2<so4<2.00 and dissolved sulfate in water 1500ppm<so4<10000

a)            Type I    b)  Type I + Slag    c) Type V     d)  Type I+ Pozzolan or slag


36.         Water curing shall be continuous until the compressive strength has reached 70% of the specified strength, but not less than

a)            1day    b) 3days   c) 7days    d)  14days


37.         Prime shall be tested prior to applications and every

a)            2000 sq.m.   b)   5000 sq.m.    c)   10000 sq.m.    d)  8000 sq.m.


38.         Precast concrete compressive strength.

a)            5000 psi    b)   4000 psi     c)   2000 psi     d)  3500 psi


39.         Minimum distance epoxy grout expansion joint

a)            1.4 m   b)   1.6 m   c)  1.8 m   d)  1.5 m


40.         Immersion-type vibrators with nonmetallic heads are used when consolidating concrete around epoxy-coated reinforcement.

a)            True     b) False

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