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Basic Saudi Aramco QC Inspector Interview Questions

Basic Saudi Aramco QC Inspector Interview Questions 

Schedule Q?

Sch Q is Aramco contractors’ minimum quality requirements. Shc q includes quality management system requirements, documentation requirements, management responsibility, resource management, project realization/execution.

Quality Audits?

Quality audit to check and evaluate the effectiveness quality management system process. Audit shall be carried out on 15% and 60% of completion stage of desing, percourment & construction phases. Schedule of audit to aramco within 21 working days for review & approval. CONTRACTOR shall submit to the Company Representative ARAMCO a copy of each audit report within fourteen (14) calendar days of its completion.


NCR is a non-conformity and violation of any Aramco applicable standard procedure & project

specification. CONTRACTOR shall forward to ARAMCO records of all recorded non-conformities

within forty eight (48) hours of issue.

CONTRACTOR shall investigate the root cause of nonconformities and initiate Corrective Actions to

prevent recurrence of nonconformities maximum seven (7) days of the issue date.

CONTRACTOR ,shall ,respond to all non-conformities (NCRs, Discrepancy Reports, COMPANY

Logbook entries, etc.) issued by COMPANY in writing within 48 hours of receiving notification of

non-conformance, including his proposed corrective actions.

Content of NCR: NCR description, root cause, corrective action, preventive action & ACD.

Any repeated INCR within 6 months shall be escalate to ARAMCO NCR.

Any repeated LBE within 6 months shall be escalate to ARAMCO NCR.

For escalation process of LBE & NCR please read SAEP-381 check the chart/table.

Special process procedures?

The following special processes require-COMPANY's review and/or approval of work procedures, personnel qualifications, those are WPS, NDT procedures, Bolt tight gasket installation, hot tap, PMI, Hydro-test, heat treatment etc. All Procedures and Personnel Qualification shall be submitted

for review and/or approval at least twenty one (21) calendar days prior to the start of WORK.


RFI notification to aramco 24 hours on weekends 48 hours.

Sumeries of System deliverables?

Check Schedule Q attachment V mainly asking only

Weekly reports & Monthly reports & Management review report

Weekly report include: SATR-W-2019, 2013, 2018 and weld summary SATR-W-2008, Two week look ahead schedule and submit to Aramco on cut of date.

Monthly report include: Summary of NCR, LBE, PRO-ACTIVE, RFI, TQ, ORGANIZATION CHART, WELD

REJECTION, MOBLIZATION DE-MOBLIZATION PLAN ETC. and submit to Aramco on cut of date.

Management review: Every 6 months to check the adequacy of quality system and submit to Aramco within 14 days.

Inspection Levels?

Inspection levels are specified in SAEP-1151 only 5 inspection levels are

Level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

Level 0 no need third party inspection only site inspection with all supporting documents like PO, MTC etc,

Level 1,2,3,4 required third par ty inspection, an IAP (inspection assignment package) shall be established.

and submit to SAIR within 21 days prior to get approve of any material under mention levels.

Skilled manpower as per SCH Q?

7 Inspector required 1 Supervisor

15 welders in workshop 1 welding inspector

10 welders at site 1 welding inspector

15 piping workers 1 piping inspector


Repair % joint wise liner wise

Joint wise 5% & liner wise 2% as per SAES-W-2011 & 2012 & SAEP-324. Welder shall be classifying based on repair % according to SAEP-324. Welder will be qualifying under ASME 9 & API 1104 & SAEP-321, 324. 

Stages of SATIP:

SATIP is Saudi Aramco typical inspection plan. Stages are document review, material receiving, and installation execution. Inspection is classified based on inspection points HOLD POINT, WITNESS SUREVILLANCE.


Hydro-test package contents. Please check with your side.

In general any technical questions related to PIPING & WELDING may ask by PID

Supervisor role and responsibilities:

Assignment and allocation of inspectors

Evaluation of inspectors through their RFI rejection and Pro-active NCR initiation

Implement and verify applicable standards and procedures followed at site

Daily Site walk through

Technical issues picking rising through proper channel

Coordination with construction team regarding site works and new activity

Email corresponding with client & construction team following with QCM instructions

Preparation & review of weekly and monthly reports

Welders qualification record preparation updating

Actions on site repeated NCR’s and control

Preparation of new activity documentations approval prior to start

Good communication with client Aramco

On time responding to rise issue and concern from PID

RFI NCR LBE log check

Responding of QMIS initiates like PRO-ACTIVE GENERAL COMMENTS & STANDARD VIOLATION within 24 hours.

Correct ITP check list follow and implement

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